WOW Sports is built on the value that memories are created on and when the whole family is outside having fun. The drive for quality, innovation and customer service is what has catapulted WOW Sports to be a leader in the outdoor and boating industries. Each year, WOW Sports, comes to the market with newness to create better, high-quality products and a fun experience for the whole family.

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, today the WOW Sports portfolio goes beyond the tether of towable tubes, spanning into pool, lake, backyard and winter products. From towable tubes and floating playgrounds to pool floats, snow tubes, and backyard water slides, WOW Sports offers over 100 unique items to its portfolio of fun.


Leroy Peterson


WOW Sports, has a long history dating back to the mid 1950’s. Known as “the Godfather of towables” Leroy’s first encounter with a towable was at the age of 10, when his father crafted a homemade towable out of a large piece of plywood strapped to a rubber tube to tow behind their boat on Long Lake, Minnesota. Leroy’s love for the water originated from sailing and spending time on the water every weekend with his family. Little did he know that the memory formed from his father’s rather unconventional towable would precipitate the rise of the towable industry decades later and his creativity carried on through WOW Sports. As Leroy believed, he was an artist and towables were his medium. RIP Leroy Peterson 1942-2022

Jason Koranda

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason’s first impression of the world of towables was through growing up boating on the Missouri River. Every weekend, his parents would take him and his brother down to hang out, camp, tube and explore the river. This also made Jason the perfect ‘guinea pig’ for Leroy’s new inventions. Although it’s not official, Jason contends that he has ridden more towable designs in the history of the world.


The initial idea is sketched and refined on paper.

The paper and pencil sketch is digitized and drawn to scale.

The digital sketch is rendered and graphics are designed.

We work with our factories to develop a full-scale sample to be tested and refined.

After rigorous testing and development to ensure a high quality, usable product, the actual item is produced.

The product is seen in the wild, on the water or in a back yard.

The product is sold to retailers and dealers world-wide. Our colorful packaging and photography is visible on the shelves.


WOW Sports prides itself in producing premium, quality products. With quality control, customer service and a 1-year warranty claim, we stand behind the products we make to ensure the best experience.



If there is any question, service or support needed, our Customer Service is here for you. Please reach out and we will try our best to provide the service you need.


“I have had a most unusual and highly professional experience with this company’s customer support. What a pleasure to work with a company that obviously cares so much about their customer’s satisfaction. Excellent communications AND excellent products!”

- Debra Baumgart

“I would give them a 10 if possible. Customer Service is not to be played with. They stand behind their warranty! THANK YOU WOW!”

- Joshua Williams

“The experience I had getting a replacement part for a WOW towable was outstanding. The customer service representative was responsive, helpful and friendly. It was clear from my experience that WOW places importance on good customer service. We’ll definitely be back in the future for our tubing needs. Thank you!”

- Ché van Haastrech


Introducing our partners that share a love for creating memories and elevating the outdoor lifestyle.

Introducing our partners that share a love for creating memories and elevating the outdoor lifestyle.