If you have questions about a part or item, or encountering issues with our site please call us at 844-969-9063.  For security reasons we are unable to take your order over the phone.

Yes, to find retailers in your area that sell our products, please see our Dealer Locator located on our website.

WOW Sports is unable to expedite order processing at this time.  Order processing is 3 – 5 business days.

Take your proof of purchase and product back to the authorized WOW Sports dealer in which it was purchased from for an exchange. If for some reason you are unable to obtain a replacement through your WOW Sports dealer, please submit a warranty claim on our website.

Find the leak. If you are unable to find the leak after submerging the product, try brushing soapy water onto the tube. Anywhere bubbles form, inspect for a leak.To aid in the repair of leaks on smooth surfaces, we have a vinyl repair kit that can be purchased from our website. Repair on a Seam, use a tube of PVC adhesive.  These types of repairs tend to take longer to cure before the float is usable and might need up to 24 hours.

Temperature changes can cause an inflatable to shrink and expand throughout the day.  Inflate your item to approximately 80%-90% if inflating in the morning, as the day heats up the air inside will begin to expand and can cause damage.  Always monitor the pressure throughout the day. When not in use, it is recommended to deflate your item partially to avoid any overinflation issues. Check for any leaks.