The Guide for Holiday Sledding

The Guide for Holiday Sledding

The holidays always bring joy to our coldest season, and the perfect snow tube can make that time even brighter. Whether you’re looking for a classic donut tube, a unique design, or an option for multiple seasons, WOW has a range of snow tubes to choose from. Read on to find out what features to look for in a snow tube, plus 7 suggestions for tubes that suit a range of needs.  

What to Look for in a Snow Tube 

Snow tubes are specifically designed to withstand snow, cold conditions, high speed, and more. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look for when choosing a snow tube. We suggest keeping an eye out for some of the following features that differentiate snow tubes from water tubes: 


  • Cold crack additive: This treatment makes the entire tube stronger and more supple despite colder conditions. It resists cracking both in the cold, and during strong temperature changes from hot to cold (such as bringing the tube outside). This is an important feature to look for if you know you’ll be sledding in cold conditions. 
  • Number of riders: Tubes have a designated weight and rider number they’re made for. If you try to fit three riders on a single rider tube, for example, it could stress the tube and prematurely break it. Keep an eye out for how many riders a tube is made to fit, and buy accordingly. 
  • Strong seams: In addition to having cold-crack treatment and heavy-duty material, a strong seam structure helps the tube absorb impact without ripping or tearing, and it ensures your tube will last longer—making it a smarter investment. 
  • Ski polish tarpaulin bottom: If you want an ultra heavy-duty tube to withstand icier conditions, a ski polish bottom offers extra durability while improving the slickness of your ride.  

WOW's Best Holiday Snow Tubes  

Now that you have an idea of what features to look for in snow tubes, here’s a roundup of different tube styles and shapes for the whole family.  

  1. Snowsteer 

With versatile riding options, dual wings, and a heavy-duty bottom, Snowsteer is perfect for making memories. 

Snowsteer is an inflatable winter sled that makes you feel like you’re flying—and kids love it. Made with wings, this tube features an oblong shape for sitting, kneeling, or lying down. It can fit two smaller children or one older child, so it’s great for families with children of multiple ages. Best of all, the full nylon cover is soft and durable while the ski polish tarpaulin bottom adds durability and speed. 

  1. POW WOW Snow Tube 

A giant inflatable snow tube that delivers full-family fun along with convenience and safety. 

The extra large sled you’ve been looking for, POW WOW is large, yet durable. This giant tube makes sledding a family affair, with room for multiple riders and four heavy-duty safety handles that you can easily grip while wearing gloves. Another reason to love this tube is the fast inflation valve, which helps you quickly inflate and deflate the tube despite the larger size. What’s not to love? 


  1. Surge 

A fast-moving donut tube with a partial nylon cover and a ski polish tarpaulin bottom. 

Surge is an open top partial nylon cover tube perfect for sledders who like to go fast (but safely!). This tube is specifically designed for speed because it features a ski polish tarpaulin bottom. This improves acceleration down hills while resisting punctures from rocks and ice. We also love the bright yellow tow leash and the comfortable foam handles, which make the experience more comfortable. 


  1. Tracer  

The best multi-rider donut tube with multi-season functionality across snow and water tubing. 

If your family tubes in the winter and the summer, Tracer is the best option for getting the most use out of your tube. Designed for snow tubing in winter and towable lake tubing in summer, Tracer has heavy gauge cold crack PVC, four double-webbing handles, and a ski polish tarpaulin bottom that protects the tube both on the snow and on the water. If you want a multi-seasonal tube, we guarantee you’ll be happy with Tracer. 


  1. Bobsled 

A unique, heavy-duty tube with an option to kneel and steer as the rider navigates their way. 

If you’re looking for a sled with a more unique riding experience, Bobsled is the perfect fit. Older children can kneel on this tube to steer and navigate their ride, while younger children can sit in the tube as you pull them along. Bobsled is made with slick, heavy-duty PVC, cold-crack additive and heavy duty seams, so you can count on it to endure the chiliest days. We love Bobsled for delighting your kids. 


  1. Legend 

A heavy-duty single-rider snow tube with a slick, hard-bottom shell. 

Looking for a more durable snow tube that can withstand bigger hills, more rides, and tougher conditions? Legend is our top-pick for durability in the WOW Sports snow tube line. The bottom half of this tube is made from a hard, super-slick shell that boosts speed. We also love the extra design touches that keep riders safe, like the four foam handles and the secure seat. 


  1. Snowdozer 

A classically-shaped, yet durable donut tube featuring cold-crack treatment. 

Snowdozer is a donut tube perfect for the whole family. This inflatable tube in a classic shape has all the features you want in a durable snow tube, including heavy duty PVC construction, high-quality seams, and cold-crack additive. The cockpit design helps riders fit securely as they speed down mountains. We also love that this tube can be ridden sitting or lying down, adding variety to your runs. Snowdozer fits one adult or older child, but can also fit two younger children.  


If you’re in search of a gift for a snowy, fun-filled holiday season, consider adding a tube in our snow collection to your gift lists this year. 

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