Holiday Gift Guide for Lake Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Lake Lovers

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Lake Lovers 

Warm weather brings endless opportunities to enjoy time on the lake. And whether you’re planning on swimming, tubing, paddling, or splashing, having the right gear is essential for making the most of your time out on the water. Here, you’ll find our top gifts for giving fun, safety, and joy to the lake lover in your life. 


  1. CHILLRaft® 

An extra-long floating foam pad that’s great for low-maintenance lounging in groups. 

CHILLRaft® is a 20-foot aqua foam pad, meaning it can fit large groups of kids and adults. Simply roll out this mat, grab your friends, and lie down on this comfortable pad. With three layers of foam, it’s ultra-buoyant and durable. The velcro belt straps make it easy to carry, and it rolls up securely and in a compact format. Another perk of this foam mat is that it doesn’t have to be inflated, so it’s great for anyone who prefers a low-maintenance way to enjoy their days on the lake.  


  1. Patriotic Water Wheel 

An USA-themed inflatable shaped like a hamster wheel for both a float and games. 

Need a gift for a family with little ones? We love that this inflatable water wheel allows you to show your pride while enjoying the water. It’s a float and a game all in one, and extra big to fit up to two people. This water wheel also works in the pool, so it’s a great float for anyone who likes to enjoy different types of water all summer long. This is a great gift for somebody who loves to enjoy the lake with their family, but might already have a few inflatables or tubes.  


  1. Stadium Islander 


A 12-person circular lake float for feeling like you’re lounging on a tropical island. 

The biggest, boldest round lake float out there! We absolutely love that Stadium Islander fits so many people at once, with room for 12 people. In fact, you wont find another tube like this–making it a great gift for anyone who likes to show off their special grown-up “toys” on the water. The circle in the middle allows you to dip your feet in the water to cool off, just like a tropical island vacation. And the circular design allows you see all your friends at once, allowing for more laughter, fun, and games than you could ever imagine.  

  1. Bounce Pod 


A unique, three-part inflatable jump station that acts as a slide, trampoline, and floating mat all at once. 

Want to give the lake lover in your life something that’s truly unique? Bounce Pod Floating Jump Station is a three-in-one float that acts as a bouncer, play center, and lounge island. The play center has a slide that lands on the mat and leads to the mini trampoline. Few floats allow you to bounce, but this float provides up to four feet of jumping space and a hefty bounce pad making it possible to jump safely. The best part is that theres a zipper on one edge of this float meaning you can design your own playful lounge station by connecting it to other WOW products, like Water Walkway, Water Mat, and more, so it’s a great gift for anyone who already owns one of these.  

  1. WOW Premium Neoprene Life Jacket PFD 

Stay safe through every activity with this go-to life jacket for all sizes. 

Every lake lover needs a life jacket, and the WOW Premium Neoprene Life Jacket is a comfortable, go-to option in multiple sizes across child, youth, and adults. This vest PFD has a snug fit with a zipper and buckles to keep it in place. It’s great for boating, water sports, and other fun times around the lake. Our life jackets are US Coast Guard and CA Transport approved. We recommend getting one for everyone in the family and then some, so there’s always enough for your giftee to outfit everyone with the safest, most essential lake accessory. 



  1. Travel Pong 


Inflate this quick-setup pong game and bring it anywhere you go for fun on the fly. 

If your giftee loves to play ping pong and other games, they’ll love travel pong. One of the reasons we love this game is because it’s easy to whip out and set up whenever you want to play. That makes it great not only for the lake, but for tailgating, picnicking, beaching, and camping—an ideal present for the adventurous party-lovers in your life. There are 10 cup holders on each side for gameplay, plus 8 additional areas for storing extra beverages and four tie downs for securing to the table. There’s also a large speed valve for inflation and deflation, offering near-instant fun whenever you’re ready to set up.  


  1. WOW-Sound Cooler 

Drink up and start dancing with this inflatable cooler designed for top-notch sound. 

This inflatable cooler holds up to 30 cans and is designed to perfectly fit the WOW Sound Speaker.


That space also serves as an extra cup holder or space for a water bottle. Simply blow up this cooler, load up your beverages, and go! We recommend this for lake lovers that prefer to spend their time relaxing and enjoying their favorite drink as the tunes roll. There’s also tote handles for carrying the cooler around bringing from place to place. 

  1. Circle Water Walkway Island

A unique circular lake float that fits a whopping 20 people for a real party. 

Gift the gift of endless party fun with Circle Water Walkway Island, a gigantic lake float designed for hopping, lounging, and everything in between! We especially love this lake float for families with kids, since it feels just like jumping on the bed. Plus, it fits 20 people! Another reason we love this lake float is that each piece can be unzipped to float individually, or, you can float in a circle and dip your toes in the middle of the float. 


  1. Paradise Lounger with 2P

The comfiest, most stylish way to lounge and float ergonomically. 

Comfortable and stylish, we love that the 2-person paradise lounger provides shade from the sun—plus a little privacy from peering eyes. It’s the perfect float for setting up in a cove to enjoy the calmer waters. There’s also an ergonomic design that makes for a super comfy lounge, plus dual cup holders. The tropical design makes riders feel like they’re truly on a vacation. Paradise Lounger is a great gift for anyone who loves to take it easy while on the lake.  


  1. Parthenon Canopy Spa 8 Person Island


A giant, 8-person float with a full mesh shade canopy, columns, and cup holders. 

Is there anything more regal than floating on the lake in your own Greek temple? If you know someone who enjoys the finer things in life, this 8 person float is sure to make your giftee feel like a god or goddess. One reason this island stands out is because it has a full mesh shade canopy, which means it’s great for those extra sunny days. There’s also 8 cup holders, and a large center hole design you can dip in to keep cool. 

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