10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Water & Adventure Lovers

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Water & Adventure Lovers

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Water & Adventure Lovers 


  1. Coupe Cockpit Two-Person Towable Tube and Float


Best for: Teens and Dads 

This 1 to 2-person towable tube upgrades the standard cockpit tube with a comfortable backrest and drop bottom design. The slanted leg rest lets you ride comfortably when being pulled, or you can lie in a relaxed state when using the tube as a floating lounger. Yes, that’s right—this tube doubles as both a towable tube and a lounger! We think it makes a great gift for teens, since it’s a sleek design with whip-fast towing. Dads love it too, because they can lounge in it after a long day of boating. 


  1. Matrix 1-4 Person Towable Tube


Best for: Larger families   

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait for your turn on the towable, which is exactly what makes Matrix so great for larger families. Not only does it hold up to four riders, but it also offers two versatile ways to sit and be towed. Either couch-style, or chariot style. Riders in the back can kneel or stand while front riders sit with legs extended. With a reinforced tow point, eight double-webbing handles, and a host of other features, this tube is great for helping larger groups have a blast. 


  1. Super Thriller 1-3 Rider Towable Deck Tube


Best for: Adventure-seekers 

Deck tubes are the thrilling, splashy cousins of chariot tubes…making them perfect for the adventure-seekers on your list! The tapered construction is higher in the front than in the back, which provides wilder wake action while preventing your tube from submarining. There’s also a reinforced tow system and a zippered valve cover. What else is there to love about Super Thriller? It can accommodate up to three people as a towable, but it also serves as a float for lounging if you just want to float and relax.  


4. Rainbow Star Super Water Slide

Best for: Summer block parties   

If you want a gift that the whole neighborhood can enjoy, Rainbow Star Super Slide is our top pick. We love this backyard water slide because it’s eye-catching in every way, from the bright rainbow colors to the star splash pool. We also love the zig zag spray pattern sprinkler system, which covers the entire slide in water for a super slippery and sensational ride. There’s safety features, too, like the eight-inch side walls that keep sliders navigating down their lane. 


  1. Fun Slide Pool Slide with Sprinkler


Best for: The pool owner with kids 

This Fun Slide is the ultimate addition to any home pool. It’s easy to set up, and the water ballast pontoons ensure stable and secure sliding. This slide connects to a garden hose to sprinkle water from the built-in soaker, which keeps the slide wet and slick for speedy sliding. The bumper at the end makes it easy to slip into the water. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has a pool and young kids (or grandkids), because it truly uplevels the FUN. 


  1. WOW-Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Best for: The Music Lover 

Need a perfect gift for the adventurous music lover in your life? Our WOW-Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, meaning you can truly take it with you anywhere. We love that this portable speaker has amazing 360-degree sound in every direction, with a stemmed bottom design that can fit in cup holders. There’s also a flashlight, so you can use it on summer nights while camping or adventuring. 


  1. Float Fridge 30-Pack Cooler


Best for: The Party Host 

This floating cooler holds up to thirty cans—plus four additional drinks in the molded cup holders! The thick sidewalls and double-layered padded bottom keeps beverages cool whether you’re on a lake, boat, or beach. The handles help you transport this cooler anywhere with ease. This would make a great gift for anyone who has a vacation home with a pool, or anybody who loves hosting outdoor parties. 


  1. Ducky Lounge


Best for: The Busy Bee 

Give the busy bee in your life a chance to sit back and relax in style. This flip lounge has a ducky backrest and an extended foot rest. Flip up the foot rest to lie down and relax, or flip it down to free your legs and let them rest free in the water. The cool comfort mesh seating keeps your body super cool on hot days, and there are dual cup holders for you to place not one, but two drinks! Plus, your busy bee will love relaxing on the ergonomic armrest, headrest, and set. 


  1. First Class Soft Dipped Foam Pool Noodles


Best for: The silly noodle 

Have kids who love to get silly in the pool? These soft-dipped pool noodles are extra strong and coated in a soft, grippable, luxurious and vinyl-coated texture that you’ll love. It’s also UV resistant, so it works well for withstanding sunny conditions. These noodles are great for lounging around, playing games, or getting creative with fun in the pool—perfect for that silly noodle who loves to play in the pool! 


  1. Screenhouse Island 6-Person Tube


Best for: The college graduate 

Make your upcoming graduate excited for the summer with this giant six-person inflatable! We love that this tube not only fits six people comfortably, but that it also has a mesh screen that’s great for keeping everyone cool. Teens and young adults love lounging in this giant tube because it also offers a bit of privacy from parents, not to mention open center oasis for dangling your legs and keeping cool. 



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