FUN outdoor, family friendly gifts for the holiday

Enjoy Thanksgiving because Black Friday is gonna be LIT!!

WOW Sports' Black Friday Sale Must-Haves 

The snow is falling, Christmas lights are going up, and friends and families are gathering to share meals and gratitude.  

It’s true, winter holidays are great...But have you been itching to get back out on the hiking trails and into the water?

Instead of reminiscing on your summer fun, it’s time to gear up for next year with WOW Sports’ 2022 Black Friday deals! 

The WOW Sports Sale starts November 25th and runs until December 2nd, and is up to 70% OFF selected items.  Yes, you heard that right--70% OFF

Check out some of our best-sellers going on SALE!!! 

WOW-SOUND Buoy Bluetooth Speaker  

Its uniquely shaped design makes this a truly 360-degree, omnidirectional speaker with high volume stereo sound. AND also includes a 360-degree LED lamp with multi-colour light design. 

With over 20 hours of battery life, and ability to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, including your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device, it’s the perfect addition to your Black Friday shopping list.  

Great for taking it wherever your adventures take you!  

Towel Rack 


Organization is key for the best pool days in 2023 with the WOW Sports’ Towel Rack, sturdy and collapsible.  As a freestanding towel stand, this rack is ready to go wherever you do and easy to store.  

This rack has graduated rails for hanging allowing an open and airy spot to hang your towel. 

Bonus: There is also a hanging mesh pouch with pockets that are great for storing smaller accessories like goggles or snorkels. Your pool deck never looked tidier. 

Big Buddy 2P Towable  

We’re huge fans of the WOW Sports’ Big Buddy 2P Towable!  

The EZ-Up Nose allows for minimal drag, making takeoffs a breeze, a footrest for lounging or a spray blocker for the riders while in action.  

Great for helping you feel secure on the water, the side rests are EXTRA long to protect the riders. WOW, blowing the competition out of the water, again and again. 

Giant Thriller 


Have the best summer yet in 2023 with WOW Sports’ Giant Thriller!  

The Super Thriller can be used by 1, 2, 3 or 4 riders.   

With 50% off, there’s no reason to not take the plunge and see how much air you can truly get. 

It’s true you may get tired from holding on tight -  but the excitement of the ride is THRILLING.   

 2K 60ft Tow Rope 


While you’re looking at upgrading your tube - don’t forget the rope to tow it!   WOW Sports’ 2K towable rope is custom made to tow any tube up to 1-2 riders. The rope also struts a floating foam rope buoy, so the rope is easy to locate in the water. 


It’s time to turn up your backyard pool party with WOW Sports’ 25′ MEGA SLIDE W/ SPLASH POOL!  

The WOW Mega Splash Slide is a giant 25 FT x 6 FT water slide with splash pool for the lawn that will keep the kids entertained all afternoon long.  

Each slide comes with 2 Mega Sleds to cushion the fall and make the slide even more slippery.  

Ready to have everything you need to put on a great summer backyard party for your kids? 

Add the WOW Mega Splash Slide to your Black Friday shopping list now.  

Hoops Splash Pad  

Hoop, there it is!  This splash pad isn’t your average backyard sprinkler. 

It doubles as a basketball court (if the court was flooded). 

Now that’s a slam-dunk!

XL First Class Soft Dipped Foam Pool Noodle With Cup Holder 

The only thing better than a WOW Sports’ Pool Noodle? A WOW Sports Pool Noodle with a cup holder! 

It’s time to float and sip and everything in-between. With 50% off, why not get one for the whole family?!  

The XL First Class Soft Dipped Foam Pool Noodle With Cup Holder, is an extra-large swimming pool noodle with a cup holder for support and more flotation. 

It is a perfect addition to your pool parties and weekend getaways. 

Pool Pals 

Piggys, and duckys, and froggys - oh my!  The good news is, there is no need to fear when WOW Sports’ Pool Pals are here.  

This trio is great for the pool, lake, river or ocean.  Gone are the days when you had to lug around and store bulky pool noodles. 

Simply inflate your Pool Pals and your kids have an adorable foam noodle pal they can play with (or for you to lounge on). And when you’re finished, the Pool Pals deflate down to the size of an envelope and can easily be stored in a drawer in your house or garage. 

That’s right! Want to take your Pool Pals on your vacation? Simply pack them into your carry-on bag.  

Have you added the WOW Pool Pals to your cart yet?  

Beach Bronco Pool Saddle Float 

Keep your legs and arms free while relaxing in your swimming pool or favorite body of water with WOW’s Beach Bronco Pool Saddle Float.  Made from extra thick soft foam, the Beach Bronco is comfortable and durable!  

The float comes in blue, red, yellow, and orange.  What are you adding to your Black Friday cart?  



Don’t miss out on all of the other amazing products on sale for Black Friday.  


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